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Quick And Affordable Bridging Finance

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  • Investment Property Bridging Loans
  • Home Refurbishment Financing
  • Cash Release Bridging Loans

Galaxy Finance Ltd provides affordable and easily accessible bridging finance and short term loans to the UK’s financially underserved population. We are the perfect tonic for traditional lenders’ exclusionary tactics.

As financial inclusion agents, we believe that affordable capital should be a right, not a privilege. Without easy access to affordable short term financing solutions, your ability to exploit the country’s economic opportunities is severely curtailed.

At Galaxy Finance, we have undertaken to make sure that every person who can provide collateral has access to affordable short term loans. As long as your loan request is reasonable and can be secured against something of value, we will get you funded.

Short & Simple Short Term Loan Application System

Step 01 : Submit Your Loan Application

To start the process, submit your short term loan application together with all the requested supporting documents. We have purposely limited the amount of paperwork you have to fill in order to make the process, easy, faster, and painless.

Step 02 : Get Quick Loan Approval

Once we receive your loan application and supporting documentation, our loan officers will immediately get to work. If everything is in order and your requested loan amount can be secured by the provided collateral, your short term loan will be approved.

Step 03 : Get Your Short Term Loan

With your loan ready, our officers will notify you without delay. After a full appraisal of the terms of the loan, you will be free to invest the money according to your loan agreement.

Our Services

Our customers typically use our short term loans to finance property purchases or home improvements while their mortgage applications get processed. In some cases, they want to upgrade to a bigger home but can’t get their old one sold fast enough to use proceeds from the sale to purchase the new one while it’s still on the market. That said, we find many of our clients use our bridging loans to meet other short term financing needs, for example, operating capital for their small businesses. To serve them at their specific points of need, we broadened our services’ offering to include:

  • Residential Bridging Loans
  • Commercial Bridging Loans
  • Auction Bridging Loans
  • Refinance Bridging Loans
  • Regulated Bridging Loans
  • Short Term Bridging Loans
  • Second Charge Bridging Loans
  • Land Bridging Loans
  • Cash Release Bridging Loans
  • Refurbishment Bridging Loans
  • Non-Status Bridging Loans

Generally, our bridging loans are a good fit for property developers looking to finance the purchase or refurbishment of an investment property, homeowners looking to upgrade, and growing small businesses looking to set up a new office, or any startups that face a short window to capitalise. In effect, we provide a bridge that ensures you don’t miss out on opportunities because of a lack of readily available finance. If you are frustrated by prohibitive, drawn-out bank lending criteria, you will love our quick and easy bridging finance solutions.Ours is a bespoke service where terms and interest rates depend on the special circumstances and credit history of the borrowing entity. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to lending. We eschew all forms of red tape and have purposely made our loan application process simple and straight-forward, ensuring quick and affordable loans.
With a mission to crush every symbol of financial exclusion wherever it exists, we refuse to lump our clients as one homogenous mass. Together, we will kick the twin scourges of exclusionary lending conditions and high-cost loans to the curb.

Refinance Bridging Loans

Refinance bridging loans are an invaluable tool in circumstances

Commercial Bridging Loans

Commercial bridging loans are a short term financing

Residential Bridging Loans

Residential bridging loans are short term loans

Short Term Bridging Loans

For one reason or another, you may not qualify for more long term

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At Galaxy Finance, we believe what sets us apart in the crowded bridging finance market is our ability to process all loan applications on their individual merits. We are a technology-focused lender excited about the breakout rise of fintech, but we still fully believe in the indispensable power of the human connection. Your loan application will be processed by human evaluators.
Whatever amount you need for that time-sensitive opportunity you are looking to exploit, our doors are always open. Come and let’s have a discussion. Your short term loan application will be reviewed with neither favour nor prejudice.
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