Who We Are

We are Galaxy Finance, an independently established bridging finance lending institution. We are co-owned by Mr. Charanjit Singh Grover, Mr. Paramjit Singh Grover, and Ms. Ashwinder Kaur Sachdeva. Mr. Charanjit Singh Grover and Ms. Paramjit Singh Grover both occupy senior management roles in the company.

Mr. Charanjit Singh Grover is the commercial director who oversees product development. Charged with identifying new opportunities to promote the company’s continued growth, Mr. Singh Grover has a wealth of management experience, including a 5-year stint managing a retail business in Russia.
Since the year 2000, Mr. Singh Grover together with his brother, Mr. Paramjit Singh Grover has run Galaxy Real Estate, a sister company on whose success Galaxy Finance was founded and built. Mr. Singh Grover is an excellent networker who uses his strong connections with local and international banks to promote the Galaxy Finance brand.

Ms. Aswinder Kaur Sachdeva is in charge of operations. A qualified lawyer and accountant, Ms. Kaur Sachdeva has retail and export business management experience. She also has many years experience in the UK’s lending market as well as a networking public speaker and influencer.

Ms. Aswinder Kaur Sachdeva uses her networking skills and leverages her many connections to build relationships with brokers and to strengthen old ones. With her legal expertise, Ms. Kaur Sachdeva will guide our solicitors and ensure the business’ and clients’ interests are protected on every transaction.

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Our Mission

We are the lender of choice for the UK’s financially underserved individuals and small businesses. We provide short term loans and different bridging finance solutions for both residential and commercial entities who may be frustrated by the often stringent and inflexible lending criteria of traditional financial institutions.As long as a loan applicant can provide acceptable collateral, we go the extra mile in making sure their short term financing needs are met. We help households and businesses exploit time-sensitive opportunities that would otherwise be lost while they wait for weeks as the bank considers their loan application.In summary, Galaxy Finance provides short term finance for whoever requires immediate access to capital. We are the bridge between your immediate financing needs and your longer term loan solution, like a mortgage if you are buying or remodelling a property, which typically takes long to get approved.With our simple and straight forward loan application process, we can guarantee you quick and affordable short term loans so you never miss out on those time-sensitive opportunities that, incidentally, only come along once in a long time.

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Our Objectives

At Galaxy Finance, our goal is to be a trusted provider of bridging finance solutions that allow our clients to capitalise on time-critical investment opportunities as well as meet their regular short term financing needs. We seek to develop a suite of bridging finance solutions that address a broad range of short term loan needs.

If you can’t wait the time it takes for traditional banks to process your loan application or can’t meet their stringent requirements, we believe we have the right short term loan product to help you bridge most funding gaps. With our experienced underwriting team, we aim to cut the time it takes to process short term loan applications to under 48 hours, so you can quickly access the money.

Keys to Success

As Galaxy Finance, we believe we have a responsibility to our shareholders to make the business profitable. More importantly, we have a responsibility to make a genuine, positive change in our customers’ lives. We believe we will thrive only if our customers also do well.We are fully aware of our service’s power to transform lives and are motivated to ensure the business succeeds for their sake. With an internal value system that puts clients’ needs front and center of what we do, we have established the following to be the keys to our success going forward:

  • Teamwork
  • Empathy
  • Integrity
  • Innovation

We fully embrace the power of technology to enable innovations that allow us to meet clients’ evolving needs. Empathetic to our clients’ unique circumstances, we promote a personalized approach to our loan applications’ review processes. Above all, we encourage working together around common company goals across all our teams. We realise that to serve our clients well, our people must learn to serve each other and the organization first.

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