Cash Release Bridging Loans

If you need cash to cover an emergency while you await the sale of an asset, a cash release bridging loan from Galaxy Finance may make sense to you. This gap financing solution can release funds quickly and allow you to cover your immediate cash requirements, purchase some critically needed equipment or supplies, or any other cash emergency.

For individuals, cash release bridging loans are popularly used to cover cash needs between two pay cheques. Used this way, the cash release bridging loan can allow you to cover your household expenses, like food, electricity, and fuel, while you await your next pay. Repayment periods for such loans can, therefore, be quite short.

For businesses, cash release bridging loans can be used to stabilize cash flow and allow the business to operate with a level of predictability. This short term financing solution opens a faster short term funding option to traditional bank loans that can take months to get approved, which is time small businesses often don’t have.

Short Term Loans Customised to Your Unique Funding Situation

Galaxy Finance’s cash release bridging loans are customized for your unique financing needs, with loan repayment terms that depend on your current financial situation. For these loans, we use a flexible lending criteria that considers every applicant’s unique circumstances. The loan application is completely personalised, with clear exit strategies that depend on your provided security and source of income.

Amounts requested for short term cash loans are typically small. And as banks are generally less willing to approve loans for small amounts that can’t be secured against high-value assets like land or fixed buildings, cash bridge loans are often the next best financing solution.

Repayment terms for cash release loans are typically under 18 months. While your ability to keep up with loan repayments is important, your loan application will benefit from a clear, well-defended exit strategy. In short, it is the strength of your application, including your plans with the loan once approved as well as your exit strategy that determine your approval chances. However, our goal is make sure all customers who can provide security and require bridging finance are able to access it.

Apply Today, Get Your Loan Tomorrow

With cash bridging loans and our other short term loans, we have made the application process really simple to reduce the time you have to wait before you can access the funds. We will ask you a few questions to understand your financial situation and financing requirements a little better.

Having a deeper understanding of individual clients’ financial position allows us to suggest financing solutions and terms that guarantee you the best deal possible. Our simple, fuss-free loan application system enables us to approve loans quickly. Essentially, everything being equal, you can apply for your cash release bridging loan today and get it as early as tomorrow.

Our cash release bridging loans offer the convenience of an easy application process with short forms and quick approval. So if you need to fund the purchase of a piece of equipment you need urgently, or regular expenses that you currently don’t have the cash for, our cash release bridging loans will be the perfect solution. Apply today.

Money acquired through short-term cash release bridging loan

Dynamic Approach

The dynamic nature of modern business means that funding needs are always changing. Without investment in creative solutions that emphasise new and novel ways of tackling these funding challenges, as bridging finance providers we will fail to in our primary mission. We are always looking for ways to serve our clients better, to meet their changing needs, and remain relevant.

Experienced Team

As a bridging finance lender, we will put both our business and financial health of our clients in jeopardy if we sacrifice professional standards for short term gains. We maintain scrupulous attention to detail in our work and remain steadfast in our compliance to FCA rules, which are only there to protect us and our clients. You can remain assured that we will always put you first.


We have consciously put together a team of professionals from diverse social backgrounds, some of whom draw their experience from industries not directly related to short term finance. This gives us the social intelligence to know how our service can impact people in different areas of our society and enables us to truly make a difference in our clients’ lives and businesses.


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