Land Bridging Loans

If you need to quickly raise money for the purchase of a piece of prime land that just got on the market while you sort out a more long term funding solution, Galaxy Finance can help bridge the funding gap.

The land bridging finance products we offer at Galaxy Finance are short term loans approved for the purpose of purchasing land. The land can be for a personal property build, sub-division into development plots, developing a car park, or even for agricultural use.

What makes this financing option so appealing as opposed to traditional mortgage loans is that there is no need for obtaining planning permission before raising finance. You can apply for both the loan and the planning permission at the same time.

With the land secured and planning permission obtained, you can then refinance the loan as development finance or apply for a mortgage. If the land is in a good location you will likely be beaten to it by other buyers if you waited for the bank to approve your long term loan, which again would require planning permission.

Loan Terms

Terms for our land bridging loans will differ with individual applicants’ circumstances and credit history, but the loans are secured against the land itself. The amount you can borrow is usually a percentage of the land’s value. If additional security can be obtained, you can be able to borrow up 100% of the land’s value.

As well as your credit history and purpose for the loan, we will consider other factors when reviewing your loan application. We will look at your current income, your experience with what you intend to spend the loan on, and how all that will affect your finances and your ability to repay the land bridging loan.

How much interest you will pay on the loan depends on various factors. If you have obtained planning permission prior to the loan application, you should expect a lower rate of interest than where there is no planning permission.

If you have not obtained planning permission and the land is in a less desirable location for what you intend to use it for, you can expect a higher interest rate.

Who Can Apply For A Galaxy Finance Bridging Loan?

We do not place restrictions on who can apply for a land bridging loan. Individuals, partnerships as well as limited liability, private limited, and offshore companies can apply. What we consider to be more important is the loan amount, value of the land against which the loan is secured, and the loan exit strategy.

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Seen a piece of land you think has great investment potential and want to secure it before the rest of the market? Speak to our land bridging loan experts without delay.

House made with short-term land bridging loan money

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We have worked hard to formulate inclusive lending policies and design processes that ensure quick loans for clients. We have done this to make sure no individual or business gets left behind. It is our mission that everyone, despite their ethnicity, social class, and credit score can get funding. We will work with every client to find a bridging finance solution and offer lending terms that work for their unique situations.


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