Non-Status Bridging Loans

Non-status bridging loans are short term loans offered to property developers and investors who can’t meet the lending rules set by the Financial Conduct Authority. The FCA insists on a set of affordability tests before developers are approved for bridging finance. The purpose of their oversight is to ensure borrowers do not overextend themselves that they will end up defaulting on their loans.

Due to the stringent FCA rules for development finance, many developers would struggle to secure funding for expansion purposes. And without access to fast funding, property development is a very tough business. Such is the nature of industry that opportunities can come at you faster than you can raise funding. If you move slowly, the opportunities will be snatched in your face.

As developers typically place a greater value on growing a portfolio of investment properties over the health of their cash flow, they cannot meet the affordability tests insisted on by the FCA for status based lending. This is where non-status bridging loans present themselves as a powerful alternative funding source.

Why We Offer Non-Status Based Loans

At Galaxy Finance we’re fully aware of the risks associated with non-status loans. Having said that, we also fully appreciate the nature of the property development sector, principally how savvy developers are able to pull off highly lucrative deals even with negative cash flow. If a deal has potential, we will forgo a loan applicant credit history and release funding.

We also recognise the handicap suffered by new property developers who may not have built up a traceable credit history that would qualify them for regular property bridging loans. We are thus prepared to consider their bridging finance applicants and, if satisfied with their exit strategies, will get them funded.

Who Qualifies For Non-Status Bridging Loans?

Non-status loans are approved on the strength of the loan application itself and largely ignore your credit history, income, and cash flow. Your loan application will fail or succeed on the value of the property you are borrowing against as well as your specific plans for the loan once we approve it. This opens a funding door for small players who are looking to expand their portfolio of properties.

If you have been turned away by traditional development finance lenders for reasons of poor credit, low income, lack of experience, we may be able to offer you a non-status bridging loan. Besides security, all we will want from you is a well laid out plan that shows the full potential of the property deal you are looking to fund.

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At Galaxy Finance, we have set out to provide funding solutions to members of our business community who feel excluded by traditional lenders. Our bridging finance experts consider loan applicants’ unique circumstances in an effort to provide truly bespoke funding solutions that ensure all our clients funding needs are met.

Savings for residential and commercial property refurbishment

Innovative Solutions

Every client we serve presents us with an opportunity to get better at what we do. This requires us to push ourselves to do more for clients, to devise new, inventive, and better ways to meet their needs. As customer needs are ever changing, so must our solutions to them, which forces a progressively creative approach to how we serve clients.

Skilled Team

As a short term lender driven by professionalism, Galaxy Finance has to show itself to be competent and reliable. Customers have to have absolute trust in our ability and willingness to serve them timeously and passionately. We don’t take this trust lightly and continually work to pay it back through superior, professional services.

Comprehensive Approach

For a long time, the business world has been guilty of exclusionary tactics that have locked out some sections of the population. For the world of finance, this meant policies that made it difficult for poorly funded small businesses and residential borrowers with poor credit failed to access lines of credit. We have purposely worked to make this right, with an inclusive approach that seeks to dismantle all existing barriers.


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