Short Term Bridging Loans

For one reason or another, there are times when securing long term funding from traditional lenders may take too long or may not be an accessible option. This applies to both individuals and businesses, especially SMEs and startups that typically struggle to access funding. To cover emergency expenses and to obtain credit for time-sensitive investment opportunities, you may consider applying for a short term bridging loan to ‘bridge’ the funding gap.

At Galaxy Finance, short term bridging loans are approved for different funding needs. If you are an individual, you may take out a short term bridging loan to cover emergency surgery for your child, take care of unexpected household expenses you cannot meet from your regular income while you organise a more long term source of credit.

For businesses, short term bridging loans are approved for buying raw materials to service an emergency order that you cannot meet due to cashflow challenges. Your small business can also take out a short term loan to cover payroll, again to offset cash flow challenges.

Generally, short term bridging loans are suitable for both individuals and businesses who need to cover a temporary or sudden need for cash. Short term loans are called such because they have to be paid back within a short amount of time, usually within a year.

When Is It Right To Apply For A Short Term Bridging Loan?

A typical example of short term bridging loans are payday loans that individuals can take out to meet their emergency cash needs before their salary is due. These loans are unsecured loans that attract high interest. However, at Galaxy Finance, we offer a broad range of short term loans that are secured against items of value.

Short term bridging loans offer a number of advantages for those who use them productively and stick to their terms. While they attract higher interest rates than longer-term loans, because they have to be repaid in a shorter period of time the total amount of interest you pay is lower.

Again, because the amounts involved are low and thus represent lower risks, short term bridging loans can be processed very quickly. As they carry a lower risk profile, conditions for getting approved for these loans aren’t as stringent. Short term bridging loans can, thus, be approved even for people and businesses whose credit history isn’t that good, which often gives small businesses a much-needed funding lifeline.

Apply For A Short Term Bridging Loan Today

If you run into an unexpected cash emergency at home or at your business, there is no reason to feel stranded. At Galaxy Finance we can stage an intervention, with our various short term bridging finance solutions. Contact us today to discuss your short term loan needs.

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Creative Solutions

We were not the first to offer bridging finance services in this market. They were many other players before us. We, therefore, realised we were never going to succeed doing what everyone was doing. To compete effectively, we have to be creative in the way we develop our services. Trust us to go beyond the usual and the expected in finding solutions to your unique funding needs.


In our business, no client is the same as the last. Every single one of our customers comes with a unique set of circumstances and different funding challenge. We would thus fail them if we treated them as one homogenous group. Instead, we are always ready to accommodate new ways of meeting clients’ needs, which calls for a flexible approach.

Responsive Customer Support

Our clients typically come to us with some kind of critical funding emergency. If we are not responsive and eager to serve, we would never serve them successfully. In fact, we would never succeed in this business. Every one of our officers, whether or not they are in customer service, are trained to serve courteously, with a smile, and in a responsive manner.


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